Natures door 3 (Garage-24 guest house)
... the most famous guest house for independent travelers ...

This station is specially designed for independent travelers looking for a good quality, budget stopover on their way to and from the far reaches of Huvsgul province.

There are Mongolian traditional cozy and comfy gers with wooden floors, small log cabins, camping spaces for your own tents and secure luggage-holding facilities. The kitchen serves Mongolian and European food prepared by our own cooks. We have an American Zodiac boat that takes you to the shore of Huvsgul lake in 20 minutes where it usually takes 50 minutes by car.

Our Garage 24 guest house is in the village of Hatgal at the southern tip of Lake Hovsgol, where a 4th World Adventure design initiative and a majorrestoration project, has led to the creation of "Garage 24", a distinctive travellers hostel, supported by workshops, and vegetable garden.

Here we have rebuilt and developed former Soviet era garages, the original 'Garage 24', to create excellent facilities that include gers and bunkroom dormitories, hot showers, plus a restaurant and bar with south-facing veranda. 'Garage 24' , is the logistics centre for our expeditions and our rigid inflatable boat ferries guests between our two sites.

We had thousands of happy backpackers in our hostel.