The Hovsgol region is a fisherman's paradise. There are nine species of fish in the lake, but the most commonly caught are grayling and lenok. 
The lenok is a type of trout and the grayling is a different species to European or Arctic grayling. These fish can be caught from the lakeshore using spinners or a fly rod. Even beginners can be sure of a catch, and rod and tackle can be borrowed. It is there rivers of the Darhad valley that lure the keen fly-fisherman - wild rivers, like the Shiskid, teeming with grayling, lenok and the legendary taimen. The taimen can grow to over 150cm and 35kg. Late August, through to early October is the best time for fly fishing here. We can organise fishing trips to the Darhat. Valley, setting up our gers for your fishing camp on the Shiskid River. We will arrange all transport, fishing licenses and supplies.