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... Nature's door is one of the most professional ger camps on the lake, and has English speaking staff and excellent western food options.  

Lonely planet, page 147


About us

Natures door was established in 1998 at the bank of Huvsgul lake which is famously known by it's natural beauty.

Our company has been proudly serving our guests for 14 wonderful years with an excellent satisfaction.

We are located at the distance of 830 km from Ulaanbaatar and 30 km from Hatgal village.


Why choose us?

Because we have over 14 years experienced local  guides.

Expedition chefs travel needed equipments and facilities.

We work in good, organized team which it  based on local area and  local professional guides.

Another one big adventage is only 2 companies run Taimen tour in that area.

Our tours are differenciated with the experienced guides.

We are strong on organizing these tours over 14 years.