Taimen guaranteed
Fly fish 40kg Mongolian Taimen!
Fly fish 40kg Mongolian Taimen!
Reindeer family
See Mongolian reindeer peoples lifestyle and ride reindeers!
Horse riding
There's nothing like riding a horse in a beautiful lake Khuvsgul.
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... Nature's door is one of the most professional ger camps on the lake, and has English speaking staff and excellent western food options.  

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Our tours
Taimen is a salmon family fish whose popularity is rapidly increasing due to its extraordinary characteristics related to game fishing. You can rely on our experienced & specialized services we have been providing for the last decade, for your next taimen trip. We have all the professional equipments and local guides experienced in fishing in Mongolia. Taimen sure will be your biggest prize, but you can as well enjoy catching from great numbers of Lenok, Trout and Graylings
At the north end of the Darhat Valley the great Siberian Taiga forest begins. This is the homeland of the Tsaatan who still follow a traditional life living in tepees and herding their reindeer. They are a shamanist people descended from reindeer herders who crossed into Mongolia from Tuva; there are only around 30 families living in two groups in the forest and it will be your MOST remarkable cultural tour in your life!
Mongolia is famous for its horses. Thus, riding a horse is a must-do activity when you come to Mongolia. We offer you a great horse ride through Darhat Valley and we will have opportunity to visit families and witness some of the Mongolian's expert horsemanship. This is a wilderness ride through mountains, forests and steppes with evenings spent around the campfire with our Mongolian guides and horsemen.


Our accomodations
Located right at the bank of Huvsgol lake, this place will set your mind and soul free with its breathtaking view. 
We can take up to 40 guests at once in our 15 gers and 2 big lodges. The lodges have three double bedrooms, a living room with a glazed front and a sunny deck. There is a magnificent glass fronted restaurant looking out over the lake, serves both Mongolian and European food and drinks prepared by our own cooks-provisions supplemented by fresh garden vegetables.
Next to the second camp, our third station which is surrounded by the untamed wilderness and calm waters of Huvsgul lake will make you feel the true value of camping. There are 15 luxurious gers and of course our friendly staff is there to make your stay more comfortable and exciting. 
This station is specially designed for independent travelers looking for a good quality, budget stopover on their way to and from the far reaches of Huvsgul province. There are Mongolian traditional cozy and comfy gers with wooden floors, small log cabins, camping spaces for your own tents and secure luggage-holding facilities